Our mission

Carpooling like first choice for commuter transportation

Our history

"Bringme Carpooling & Autostop" is born


One of the very first carpooling portals in Italy with its own app and which exceeds 17,000 transfer requests per week

The startup creates the corporation


With the contribution of a seed investment by an Italian fund, it becomes a capital company and provider of a dedicated carpooling service for the students of the Sapienza University of Rome

Jojob Company Carpooling is born


A service completely studied and designed to meet the needs of commuters who daily travel the home - work route

The first companies on Jojob


Jojob Company Carpooling is marketed in March and 50 companies choose to adopt a sustainable mobility service

Jojob companies are growing more and more


100 large companies decide to choose to adopt a sustainable mobility service by joining Jojob Company Carpooling

Carpooling boom year


+ 199% of workers who share the car
1 million km saved
Jojob Ride is born
The J Account function is born

New services on Jojob


Jojob bike and feet is born
The ColleghiAmo Genova project was born in September (over 2,500 shared trips and 5,000 cars left at home in less than a month)
Jojob Navette is born
Jojob Survey is born

Bringme Srl becomes a Benefit Company


Entry of new investors
Record year with 832,357 tons of CO 2 , 6,402,757.7 km saved, € 1,302,147 savings
Jojob grows in Spain

The new Jojob Real Time Carpooling is born


Launch of the Smart Working function #ColleghiAmoilLavoro with 432 tons of CO 2 , € 761.043 savings, 70.840 hours saved
Launch of the #carEpooling awareness campaign

Bringme Srl SB becomes a B Corp


This act is an awareness of the connection between people, nature, behavior and consequences both globally and within the company community itself.

We are among the B Corp Best for the World 2022


Recognition among the B Corp Best for the WorldTM of 2022.

With smart working, carpooling, cycling and walking over 635,000 euros saved in 2022.

Our Team

Do you want to know who is behind the world of Jojob Real Time Carpooling?

B Corp and Benefit Company

Bringme Srl is a Benefit Company and B Corp.

Discover our commitment to pursue what has always been our first goal: sustainability.