JojobRT is the transport alternative  safety economic which is good for the environment

Much more than a carpooling app, JojobRT is the solution for you! It allows you to organize and share your home-work commutes, at the last minute or in advance, safely and with ease. Jojob is the transport alternative, it is carpooling in Real Time.

Download the Jojob Real Time Carpooling app and register now!

Traveling by Carpooling with JojobRT?

Simple, fast and cheap!

All you have to do is sign up and enter your itineraries. Jojob will take care of finding you the best carpooling proposals based on your habits, saving you time and money, to get to work in peace and safety.

Download the app

Download the Jojob Real Time Carpooling app for free, register and enter your commute from home to work. JojobRT will propose the most suitable carpoolers for you!

Plan your trips

Choose the proposal that best suits your needs and plan your trips. You can plan them in advance or at the last minute and with the integrated chat you can always talk to your crew. JojobRT does not leave you on foot!

Share and get on board!

Share the routes and costs. Do good to the environment and to your pockets. The solution is there, you just have to get on board. We are waiting for you on JojobRT!

Did you know that by carpooling you do good for the environment?

JojobRT is the sustainable transport alternative: more carpool trips, less CO2 in the atmosphere.

By choosing carpooling, you can respect the environment around us by saving the amount of CO2 produced by you. Furthermore,together we will be able to reduce traffic and smog in our cities.

The results that we have achieved together

Kg of CO 2 saved
Jojob Forest

Savings, less stress, convenience or transport alternative:

whatever the motivation that drives you to carpooling,the time has come to be part of the JojobRT Community.

Download the Jojob Real Time Carpooling app and register now!

Download the app

Do you need help?

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