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FAQ Jojob Real Time Carpooling

  Carpooling Section

By carpooling we mean the shared use of private cars between a group of people, with the main purpose of reducing travel costs and doing good for the environment. Carpooling is one of the areas of intervention of the so-called sustainable mobility, as it allows to reduce the number of cars in circulation with beneficial effects on pollution, road congestion and the need for infrastructures.

The main advantages of carpooling are:

  • Economic savings in terms of fuel, oil, tires, tolls, parking costs, etc.
  • Reduction of pollution, due to the lower number of vehicles in circulation.
  • Improvement of social relations between people.
  • Improvement of the quality of life

Yes! The Highway Code, in Article 193 imposes the obligation to insure vehicles with RCA insurance. Third party liability insurance always covers all damages suffered by things or third parties.

Third parties obviously include car passengers, with the exception of the driver, regardless of whether the passengers are relatives, friends or strangers.

Yes! In Italy, the Guarantee Fund for road victims has been established which protects property and third parties damaged in an accident involving an uninsured vehicle.

Yes! The accident occurring on the normal commute from home to work is a case covered by INAIL insurance.

In particular, INAIL insurance describes this event as follows:

“In itinere accident we mean the event that affects the employee during the normal path:

  • Round trip from home to work;
  • That connects two workplaces (for those with multiple relationships);
  • Round trip from the workplace to the place of usual consumption of meals (only if there is no company canteen service).

By normal route we mean the shortest route that connects one place to another.

Any changes or interruptions to the ordinary route are in any case covered by INAIL insurance when, according to the Supreme Court, they are necessary.”

Users are invited to learn more about this topic on the website and/or to consult their company contact.

  JojobRT Section

Jojob Real Time Carpooling is the app to make your daily home-work commutes easier. With JojobRT you can make your journeys cheaper, more efficient and more ecological even in real time.

Just enter your home-work journeys and Jojob, thanks to its algorithm, will take care of finding you the best carpooling proposals based on your habits, saving you time and money, to get to work in peace and safety.

  Registration Section

JojobRT membership is totally free.

In order to access the service you must be registered and, if you want to travel, you cannot use the profile of a friend or relative.

Once you have created your profile, you will become part of the JojobRT Community and you can immediately start organizing your trips.

We remind you to enter a valid mobile phone number. The confirmation code will be sent to this number via SMS. Don’t worry, users won’t see your number before booking a trip with you!

If you wish to delete your JojobRT account, simply go to your account settings and click on “delete my account”.
Your account will be canceled within 72 hours.

  Cashback Section

Cashback is an incentive campaign promoted by Bringme Srl S.B. created to reward those who use carpooling as a sustainable transport alternative.

The incentive may also be valid for other sustainable means such as cycling, walking, smart working and the company shuttle.

If a Cashback campaign is active, it is possible to obtain a reward (Cashback) for each carpool trip as established in the regulations of the individual campaigns.

The campaigns can also be active for trips made by bicycle, on foot, smart working or with the company shuttle.

Cashback is attributed to each crew member, therefore to both the driver and passengers.

The Cashback reward consists of an amount of money that is credited directly to the individual user’s J Count.

The Cashback is credited to the J Count 72 hours after the execution of a booked trip.

If in the 72 following the trip, the trip itself is canceled by the driver or passenger, the Cashback is not paid.

The accumulated Cashback can be used in two ways:
  • to buy other carpooling trips;
  • to purchase vouchers or products in the Cashback section

No, this is the only thing that is not allowed. Cashback was created as an incentive to carpooling and it is not allowed to transfer it to your current account.

  Gift Card Section

Le Gift Card sono premi che vengono erogati da Jojob agli utenti con l’obiettivo di regalare credito spendibile per prenotare viaggi in carpooling.

Each Gift Card is characterized by an economic value (credit) and an expiration date.

Gift Cards are awarded on multiple occasions at Jojob’s discretion. By giving consent to receive newsletters, it is possible to stay informed about promotional campaigns and initiatives that determine the attribution of Gift Cards.

Gift Cards are credited directly to the “Gift Card” section of J Count. By selecting the item “details” you will see the credits obtained and their expiration, as well as the history.

The credit obtained from a Gift Card can only be used to book carpooling trips.

If you have a credit deriving from a Gift Card, Jojob will use this credit, as a priority, to pay the driver the amount of the trip you are booking.

If you are booking a trip with a driver contribution lower than the Gift Card credit available, Jojob will deduct the necessary credit without using other funds in your availability. If the contribution for the driver is higher than the Gift Card credit available, Jojob will deduct the entire credit and will only take the remaining difference from your availability.

No, the Gift Card credit can only be used to book carpooling.

The credit of a Gift Card always has an expiry date which can be consulted in the J Count section.

Once the expiry date has been reached, the residual credit expires and is reset to zero.