Our team

Our commitment to each member of the Team is characterized by a series of initiatives aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles, growth, personal and professional development, support and involvement in building the well-being of one’s community.

At Bringme we believe in research and continuous improvement. This is why we have introduced the company organizationAgile and the adoption of the methodologySCRUM. A method that is based on the principles of transparency, inspection and adaptation but, above all, the enhancement of people. Dialogue and trust are two fundamental aspects for building a positive organization and involving collaborators.

Harmonize the life and work times of the whole Team, looking beyond the

legal obligations, it is essential for us.This is why we have reduced working hours to no more than 7 hours a day, obviously keeping the contractual conditions unchanged, and encouraging the workforce not to engage in work activities outside the scheduled hours while protecting the right to rest.

Ethical code

We have also introduced our Code of Ethics which reflects our map of values ​​and promotes virtuous behavior

Codice Etico


Gerard Albertengo

CEO & Founder

Cristina Costanzo

Office & Communication Manager

Vincenzo Raniti


Antonio Polia


Sara Negro

Customer Service

Giorgia Riso


Carlos Luis Petit

Sales Account Italy and Spain

Nadeem Iqbal

Senior Backend

Barbara Romeo

Administration ​
and Accounting

Alessandro Bongiovanni

Customer Service Account

Andrea Callegher

Sales Account Italy

Vincenzo Aquilino

Sales Account Italy