Coronavirus (Covid-19)

As Jojob we are convinced that a valid help in this moment of crisis also from the point of view of mobility can come from carpooling which, if organized with due care, constitutes an integrative solution to public transport, able to relieve the pressure on buses, subways and trams simultaneously reducing the number of cars in circulation.

Gerard Albertengo, CEO & Founder di Jojob

#carEpooling with Jojob
safe with the Green Pass

Jojob Real Time Carpooling has implemented the Green Pass within its application so that commuters can demonstrate possession of the green certification to potential travel companions.

Ensuring employees who travel from home to work, sharing the car, the safety of traveling with people vaccinated, cured or with a negative tampon is our goal to make carpooling an increasingly safer sustainable mode of transport.

Sharing the car safely:
8 Jojob Real Time Carpooling tips

We have drawn up a vademecum for the whole Community with rules, tips and tricks that allow you to share the car with colleagues safely in compliance with health measures and the legislation in force.


it is possible to travel by car with non-cohabiting people


wear the mask while traveling by car


leave the windows open


create stable crews over time


keep safe distances


do not drive with other people if you have symptoms


sanitize regularly the passenger compartment


demonstrate that the movement falls within those permitted

We invite all travelers to always check the government provisions relating to travel in the various Regions at this link